Rating: New, Grade A, Grade B & Grade C

At Restore Electronica, so that you have the best idea of the condition of the new or second hand mobile phone or tablet you will receive, we classify them into four categories: New, Grade A, Grade B & Grade C.


A new mobile phone or tablet is brand new in its factory-sealed original packaging.

A Grade A mobile phone or tablet has hardly any or no visible marks or signs of use. It can look as good as a new phone or tablet, but as it is a second hand item, we classify it as grade A.

A Grade B mobile phone or tablet, has slight marks or signs of use on the casing or on the back. It has no major dents or scratches, only some standard signs of use


Finally, a Grade C product has more visible signs of use, and in some cases could have a small dent on the casing or rear.


All our phones are put through a strict quality control testing and grading. If usage signs  on are phone are excessive, it does not get repaired or put on sale.


The grading of a phone does not affect the level of testing it is put through and the 12 month guarantee we give for its correct funcionality. You can read more about our guarantee in the Returns Policy & Guarantee section.


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